Goa Express India

5 Affordable Train Journeys With a View [Guest Post]

I’ve always dreamed of undertaking a long overland journey on a world-famous train, like the trans-Siberian or the Orient Express.  Then I realized those famous rides cost thousands of dollars to book, and while I’m saving up, I would love to find a shorter, cheaper train ride that will nevertheless take me on a stunning tour. So while I work […]

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Lefkada Beach

4 Ways to Beat Those End of Summer Blues

September is finally here, and that happy-go-lucky summer feeling has already started to fade away.  For most US travelers, Labor Day Weekend was probably the last hurrah before getting back to the grind of school, work, etc. The ‘End of Summer Blues’ Phenomenon I always tend to feel a little subdued around this time of year, and I’ve […]

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Wailea Beach Sunset

What to Do In Maui: A 5-Day Guide

This past June I spent 5 days exploring Maui, and it completely defied my expectations.  It was my first time visiting any of the Hawaiian islands, and my previous experience with tropical islands was mostly limited to the Caribbean; I found myself completely unprepared for the much more peaceful, spiritual vibe in Maui. Before I […]

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salvation mountain

Salvation Mountain: Finding Jesus in the Desert

In the inland desert area of Southern California, affectionately dubbed ‘Methland’ by those who sometimes pass through, there sits an unusual roadside attraction called ‘Salvation Mountain‘, located in the actual middle of nowhere.  It is approximately 45 minutes from the semi-abandoned communities dotting the the Salton Sea, and close enough to the Mexican border that […]

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10 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Travel

Pictures and stories about faraway places and unseen wonders can be very inspirational to jump start a travel hobby or lifestyle.  But sometimes, a simple quote from an inspirational traveler or a great work of literature will be what really gets you out of your routine and into the world.  No one can better express […]

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