Cannes Iles de Lerins

Explore Cannes Beyond the Film Festival

Despite its small size, Cannes, France is a famous destination thanks to the international film festival that takes place in the coastal town every May. Photo by Misha Gillingham via Though the Cannes Film Festival is the city’s most well-known high-profile event, the city has so much more to offer travelers than this one glamorous film celebration, […]

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Las Vegas at night

The Budget Guide to Las Vegas

I previously spent some time urging people to explore the adventurous side of Las Vegas, and to check out a lot of the cool, less-known things you can do in that city besides gamble.  Today, I thought I’d focus on getting around the city itself. As an Angeleno who has spent many a weekend in Las Vegas, […]

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5 Worst Countries for Dating: Valentine’s Day Recap

So how was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?! Yep, that’s what I thought.  Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a holiday I have never been able to fully celebrate or support, and it’s mostly because I don’t like the pressure it puts on couples and singles.  Not to mention that making someone feel obligated to express romance pretty much kills any romance in […]

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